Ina Mae Greene Foundation



Ina Mae Greene Foundation (IMGF) is a nonprofit charitable organization committed to providing education resources and support to help victims of domestic abuse make life saving decisions. Their ultimate organizational goal is to raise awareness about the horrors of domestic violence and teen dating abuse. IMGF wants to help adults in crisis as well as our young women and young men to learn what a healthy relationship is and how to move away from a situation that could turn deadly.

IMGF programs are designed to leave a lasting impact. We want to give individuals in crisis hope by giving them information and assistance they need to make life-saving choices.
Our activities consist of fundraisers to raise money to support education, local shelters and counseling offices that offer free counseling to teens, abused women and their children, along with donating scholarship monies to children who are identified as children from such families by: shelters, churches, police and fire departments and social services.
In its five years of existence, IMGF has experienced rapid growth and expansion impacting thousands of lives.