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Click here to view the Floor Plan PDF.

After reviewing, complete Exhibitor Agreement form below to submit booth request.

Pay for your booth by June 15 and receive a 10% discount off of your booth price and other valuable discounts.

Exhibitor’s Agreement

General Information
We would like to reserve exhibitor space during the 2018 Ubiquitous Women’s Expo

(Booth # 242, 243, 246, 248, 419, 435, 442, 443, 447, 449)

(Booth # 135, 219, 235, 319, 335, 341)

All requests made by vendors for any specific booth space will be considered by GBL Sales Inc. However, GBL Sales cannot guarantee any specific booth space. We will utilize the “first come first serve” policy. Click here to view the Floor Plan PDF If you have any questions or comments about becoming an exhibitor please contact us at info@ubiquitousexpo.com.

Participant Information

Need assistance with this form? Email us at info@UbiquitousExpo.com.

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