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Brandi Lofton - @Brandilou88

Beauty & Lifestyle Influencer

Brandi Lofton is a woman of many trades. She is an attorney by day and moonlights as a beauty and lifestyle influencer in her spare time. She is a small town girl from Georgia who decided to venture to the Nation’s capital to attend Howard University and become a lawyer. She became a natural hair vlogger by chance when she decided her last year of law school to take the plunge and go natural. During her transition and borderline obsession with natural hair blogs and videos, she decided one day to start filming about her journey and what products and techniques she found helpful during the process; never imagining that this hobby would benefit others.

While vlogging, at times, can be quite difficult to juggle with her full-time career, she is committed to continuously churning out new and relevant content for her followers. Recently, she has expanded her vlogging to encompass some of her other passions such as beauty, lifestyle and travel content. You can find her posting and chatting with her followers daily on Instagram at @brandilou88 and catch her videos on YouTube by searching “Brandi Lofton.”

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