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Workshop Descriptions 2017

Bershan Shaw – From Your Health To Your Beauty Be A Warrior!

Digging deep into being healthy inside and out and being beautiful inside and out. We can all buy diet pills to help with our outward self or creams for our skin, but being healthy and beautiful begins from within. You have to be a warrior and take control.


Crème of Nature – The Truth About Natural Hair

Join Pat Grant Williams, an award winning master stylist, natural hair expert for “hairversations.”

  • Curl Definition & Hydration
  • Texture & Understanding YOUR Curls
  • The Truth about Hair Growth
  • The Stretch – Curl Elongation
  • Product Cocktailing for Beautiful Curls and Coils
  • Easy Transition to Natural Hair from Relaxed Hair

You do not want to miss this class!! Prizes and Giveaways!!


Curl Prep – Tameeka’s Transformations  & Live Consults Master Class

She’s baaack! Take a seat with licensed hair artist, author and educator, Tameeka McNeil-Johnson, aka The Curl Whisperer, in Tameeka’s Transformations. Get up close and personal in this super interactive session as Tameeka selects women from the audience to do live consults and transforms heads of hair live!  Yes you will “Ooh” and “Ahh” as her makeovers are revealed. Learn natural hair styling techniques too! Questions about Color, cut, styling? She will answer them all. This session also includes a free raffle of amazing products from the Curl Crush and Curl Prep lines.


House of Cheatham – What’s Up With My Hair?

  • Experiencing Hair Loss or Balding?
  • Having Trouble Growing Your Hair?
  • Dealing with Breakage or Shedding?
  • Is Your Texture Changing and You Don’t Know Why?

In this revealing workshop, certified trichologist Crystal Styles breaks down the top 5 reasons you may be experiencing one or more of these common issues. You’ve got questions, and Crystal may have the answers.


Latched + Hooked – Crocheted Braids Tapered Cut

This workshop is hands on and involves learning how to safely install, maintain and style crochet braids using Latched and Hooked Beauty’s synthetic pre-curled and looped hair extensions. An emphasis will be on healthy protective hair styling practices and is an exploratory, hands on course designed primarily for do-it-yourselfers and stylists interested in natural hair care. Required supplies: mannequin head, crochet hook/latch hook. Latched and Hooked pre-curled hair will be supplied.


Luster – What is “Good Hair”?

Join Luster’s Pink hair experts Kevin “KP” Pendleton and Team Texture Team Texture on a journey to embrace your hair. You will discover that all hair is good hair when using the right products, tools and techniques to fit your individual hair and lifestyle needs. Embrace Your Curls.

  • Do You Love Your Hair
  • Natural Hair in the Workplace
  • Does Your Man Love Natural Hair
  • Trend vs. Lifestyle

Discover Your Texture and Unleash Your Curls

  • What’s your Texture?
  • Is Your Natural Healthy?
  • The Warning Signs of Unhealthy
  • Pink as an Everyday Thing


Mielle Organics – Healthy Hair is Good Hair

There is a stigma that only a particular hair type or texture is considered “good hair.” Mielle Organics products are geared towards promoting healthy hair for every hair type and texture. Mielle Organics ingredients stresses “root to results,” believes healthier ingredients encourage healthier hair.

Healthy hair starts from within, so the ingredients that go into the products are essential to promote overall hair health. The key to healthy hair is always a combination of what goes into the body as well as what is applied externally. Mielle Organics believes that no particular hair type or texture is considered healthier than others. With the new launch of the Mongongo Oil Collection, the goal is to provide moisture, repair, and protect the hair from external damaging factors that happen every day. The Mongongo Oil Collection is the versatility line that is the perfect solution for those seeking versatility and the flexibility to achieve a variety of styles within one line. The new Mongongo Oil Collection includes an exfoliating shampoo, protein-free hydrating conditioner, style setting spray, thermal & heat protectant spray, pomade to oil treatment and pre-shampoo treatment.

Mongongo Oil comes from the nuts of the Mongongo trees found in Southern Africa. Mongongo Oil is also highly emollient and is known for its excellent protection of the skin and hair.


Nouritress – All I Want Is My Hair Back!

It’s 2016 and many African American Women are experiencing hair loss like never before and they don’t know what to do or where to turn to help them with their problem. They visit the salon and the stylist recommendation is a weave, which is just a cover up and not the solution. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, almost HALF of African American Women in the United States suffer from hair thinning & hair loss and it has become an Epidemic. We must stop this epidemic now. This informational seminar will cover:

  • The causes of hair loss
  • What causes balding
  • How to prevent hair thinning, hair breakage and hair loss
  • What is a Microscopic Hair & Scalp Analysis
  • What really works


Texture Talk with The Hair Whisperer Tendai

Through the year’s women (particularly black women) have been to subjected to beauty practices that are not designed nor beneficial for our well-being. These practices have created and fed a feeling of self-hatred and disconnect which have revealed themselves in various ways. Such practices have proven to be underlying components of poor health, painful experiences, disfiguring scars on the scalp and male pattern baldness just to name a few.

The Texture Talk platform was designed by St. Louis Missouri native Tendai Morris (The Hair Whisperer Tendai) as an empowering group consultation with opportunities for audience members to ask questions and get real answers from a 20+ year licensed cosmetologist/barber, President/CEO of Healthy Hair Solutions, Founder of the Waist Length Challenge, Creator of Whisper Whip Hair Hydration, Macadamia Deluxe, Argan Deluxe, Arganmidas, and Argan Thairapy. Tendai Morris coined the affirmation phrase “My Natural is My Natural” which helps women take ownership of their individual characteristics and beauty.

Topics for discussion are:

  • Why Go Natural
  • How to identify your texture category and (Why is this important anyway)?
  • How to maintain your mane
  • Understanding the Lingo
  • How to avoid Heat Damage
  • Do I have to do the “BIG CHOP”
  • Male pattern baldness


Wrap A Loc – Loving My Hair With Style: The Natural Way!

Join Atlanta’s own Natural Hair Care Culturist Sistah Nandi as she helps you discover how to manage and style your natural hair texture. Demonstration will include how to use creative elements to visualize and apply trendsetting methods for curling, twisting, braiding and styling locs and natural hair.


Sonya Nandi Gilkey, Stylist, Inventor and Educator

Sonya Gilkey aka Sistah Nandi is a Natural Hair Care Culturist. She has been professionally styling natural and locked hair for over 15 years. In 2004, Sistah Nandi discovered, designed, and patented a hair styling tool “Wrap-A-Loc out of a need for versatility and flexibility in styling options for her natural and locked hair.

Wrap-A-Loc is a hair styling tool — and a technique — that creates curls, spirals and waves on natural and locked hair. This amazing tool can be worn undetectable in the hair as a style and when removed, curls blossom. Nandi’s ongoing involvement in educational training and lectures keeps her an in-demand stylist and instructor. She is a registered Continuing Education provider for Georgia State Board of Cosmetology. Her hair care methods and styling techniques have been featured in Essence Magazine, Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper; Sisterlocks Lifestyle Journal, Black Beauty & Hair Magazine in London; Planet Africa Magazine and TV show in Toronto, Anguilla as well as on numerous websites and blogs.

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